About Us

For over 25 years, Mattson Creation photography has with core professionalism built for itself, a reputable name in the business of professional photography, documentation, training and consultancy.

Mattson Creation Photography, foremost photo-media company in Nigeria and beyond, offering an array of bespoke services tailor made to suit the unique requirements of our clients, has over the years emerged as the house hold name in photography.

We have continued to make impact in the image driven world by adapting and revolving with the new trends with an advanced way of thinking.

MR. MATTHEW ODIANOSEN IBADIN, (fisn, cpsm, csp, cpi)
From the CEO’s Desk

The advancement of digital media and the spread of the Internet are encouraging people to communicate in ever more diverse ways. The ongoing emergence of ever more new devices is also changing the face of photography and photo-media. In response to this increasing diversity, Mattson Creation Photography remains a step ahead of the changing times with the creation of new business model and solutions.

Our business now extends beyond the worlds of taking pictures and editing in the conventional ways of the past.
We are also developing our business in time with current trends and technological advanced ways of evoking emotions through visual representation.

With society growing increasingly diverse, we work to ascertain the reality that lies just ahead of the present as we search out and create visual communications that touch people’s hearts.

About Us

Mattson Creations is a World-Class photography outfit based in western city, Lagos. We offer the most contemporary photo-media and printing services in Nigeria. Our state-of-the-art studio operated by a team of highly certified professionals coupled with the most advanced cameras, lighting and editing suites gives us not only an unrivalled competitive advantage but allows us the privilege of delivering satisfaction to our customers which we have done consistently through our 25 years of existence.

At Mattson Creations, our passion to delight the world through photography has driven our recent investment in establishing the Nation’s most renowned photography training academy situated in our ultra-modern facility in Lagos, where we offer professional training services on photography, videography, video editing, motion graphics etc.

Our personnel are professionals in their given skills of expertise, hand-picked to bring your reality to focus through imagery. We freeze real life experience into experiences, capturing the humanity of moments and making memories for the future.

Our Mission

To make a change in the way professional photography is delivered; helping clients capture and preserve memories and portray themselves in the best light, sharing these special moments in the digital world.

Our Vision


To be the top leading photography company in Africa; spearheading and promoting modern innovations in advanced photography

Our Objectives

  • Our core objective is to keep Pioneering photography and create lasting memories for our diverse client and preserving the most diverse scenarios and situations captured in a frozen moment by bringing meaningful experiences to others in the form of static images and allows the diffusion about things as they are.
  • Providing solution-oriented serviceswith the ambiance of serenity and the best customer service is our aim by adding new perspective to the way people view photography.